YTL PowerSeraya to build new hydrogen-ready turbine on Jurong Island

The project will complement and diversify Singapore’s power mix alongside solar, imported electricity, and other potential low-carbon energy sources,” said YTLPS in a press release.

The new turbine will be built at YTLPS’ existing Pulau Seraya Power Station on Jurong Island. It will be at least 30 per cent volume hydrogen-ready, and it can be retrofitted to become operationally 100 per cent hydrogen-ready in the future.

Hydrogen is a naturally occurring gas and is a clean-burning fuel. When burnt, it produces no carbon dioxide.

When producing hydrogen energy, hydrogen fuel cells combine hydrogen with oxygen to produce electricity, emitting only water vapour. However, hydrogen production itself can be energy-intensive if it relies on fossil fuels.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) had previously said in October 2022 that hydrogen could supply up to half of Singapore’s needs by 2050.

The estimated cost of the new turbine is S$800 million (US$597 million), says YTLPS. It is expected to be completed by Dec 31, 2027.

EMA launched its Request for Proposal in July 2023. When it closed in October, the agency received four proposals. 

EMA Chief Executive Ngiam Shih Chun said the construction and operation of the power plant will support the “reliability and security of Singapore’s power system”. 

“We are honoured to be awarded the first RFP and be entrusted with the responsibility of constructing the hydrogen-ready CCGT,” said YTLPS CEO John Ng.

“YTL PowerSeraya is committed to leveraging cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices to contribute to Singapore’s energy security and environmental goals.”

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