Xi Jinping involved? Hamas ‘using Chinese weaponry’ in war, Israel claims

Israeli investigations revealed that Hamas is using Chinese weapons including assault rifles and grenade launchers to wage war in Gaza as the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) uncovered stockpiles of hi-tech supplies- rifles and cartridges for M16s and communications equipment like listening devices and tactical military radios. Tel Aviv is determining how the equipment made it into Hamas’ hands amid concerns.

Israel-Hamas War: Chinese president Xi Jinping.(AP)

“This has come as a big surprise as before the war, relations were very good, but we have found massive amounts of Chinese weaponry and the question is, did it come directly from China to Hamas or not?” The Telegraph quoted an Israeli intelligence source as saying.

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“This is top-grade weaponry and communications technology, stuff that Hamas didn’t have before, with very sophisticated explosives which have never been found before and especially on such a large scale”, the source told.

The weaponry included intelligence and communications equipment and could have been used by Hamas to launch surprise attacks on Israeli on October 7 when some 1,140 people were killed and hundreds of others taken hostage.

Then, China’s foreign minister Wang Yi said Israel’s actions went “beyond the scope of self-defence” and demanded that it stop imposing “group punishment” on Palestinians.

Dr Patrick Bury, a defence expert from the University of Bath and a former Nato analyst and infantry officer, said, “The question of course is did the Chinese know it was going to Hamas or did it come through a third party like Iran? You’re talking about what is essentially modern professional infantry kit. There is some serious kit here even though it’s not heavy weaponry. The grenade launchers are a lethal support weapon in particular. The lethality of Hamas fighters can be raised significantly from this kind of equipment.”

“If it’s a large quantity, it’s most likely a state actor involved, and that state actor is highly likely to be Iran. It could be stuff that was purchased by Iran off China and found its way to Hamas. There are other potential actors but much less likely,” he said, adding, “China will not like the Iranians doing this with their kit. It’s not a good look if it’s a massive haul and trust will become an issue.”

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