Work Well: How to overcome your mid-afternoon sleepiness at work


It is normal to feel an energy lull at certain times of the day but if it’s fatigue that lasts more than two weeks despite sleeping well, you should consider seeing your doctor to check out any underlying medical conditions.

In the meantime, here are some caffeine-free ways to beat the afternoon slump that don’t involve coffee or tea:

1. Have a snack

Choose foods that are high in fibre, protein and complex carbs. Stay away from sugar and refined carbs.

2. Schedule easier tasks for the afternoon

Check your personal emails or have low-stake catch-up meetings.

3. Do mindless tasks

Get up and wash your mug. If you’re working from home, do chores such as folding laundry.

4. Go out for a walk

Just 15 minutes of walking is better than a cup of coffee at beating drowsiness.

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