Woolworths could make comeback on UK high street, says boss who revived brand across

21 January 2024, 13:48 | Updated: 21 January 2024, 13:53

Woolworths could return to the UK high street
Woolworths could return to the UK high street.


Woolworths could make a comeback on UK high streets, the boss who revived the brand across Europe has said.

Woolworths fell into administration in 2008 and was forced to close all 807 of its stores by January the following year.

But the popular retailer could soon be making a return under the guidance of CEO of Woolworth Germany Roman Heini.

The chain currently has over 600 stores, including in Austria and Poland.

Mr Heini said reopening stores across Britain was on his professional “bucket list”, with him sharing his vision for 5,000 shops across Europe.

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There is an opportunity to “make Woolworth great again”, he said.

The company has no immediate plans in place to return but Mr Heini said aspects of the UK market made it attractive for Woolworth Germany.

“I don’t know of any brands where the recognition will be as high as it is in Britain, without having any stores,” he told Retail Week.

“We have secured all the trademarks for the brand for the whole of Europe, so we could operate if we make the decision.

“It may be in the mix for the mid or long-term future.”

Woolworth Germany’s only connection to the former UK brand is shared parent company American F. W. Woolworth.

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