Winning Powerball numbers revealed

The winning numbers for Australia’s biggest Powerball jackpot have been revealed, with some Aussies saying they were unable to purchase tickets due to the popular lottery apps crashing ahead of the draw. 

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says Powerball is offering a record jackpot but concerns remain over how much money Australians have “handed over” to buy hope.

“Tonight, Powerball offering its record jackpot,” Mr Bolt said.

“$200 million, it’s enough to make some pensioner super-rich.

“When I see these figures, $200 million, that’s how much Australians have actually handed over to Powerball to buy some hope.

“It’s an awful lot of hope they’re buying.”

The numbers revealed for Thursday’s $200 Powerball draw: 1446 are 12, 33, 23, 35, 1, 26, 32 – with the Powerball being: 10.

The biggest lottery in Australian history was drawn on Thursday night. Picture : NCA NewsWire / Valeriu Campan

The Division One prize was split between just two people – each taking home $100 million from Australia’s largest lotto prize ever. 


The Powerball has reset to $4 million.


Users reported that The Lott app froze after the numbers were revealed at 9.30pm on Thursday night, with some users unable to access their accounts.


Others were unable to purchase tickets in the first place via the Oz Lotteries app leading up to the draw. 


In a response to an enquiry, an Oz Lotteries spokesperson said: “The record-breaking draw brought an unprecedented rush in the last 30 minutes with the high demand for tickets slowing the Oz Lotteries system”.


Despite some Aussies being unable to get tickets, Oz Lotteries claimed it was “able to attend to all customers”.

Following further enquiries from, Jumbo Interactive – the gambling operator behind the Oz Lotteries app – confirmed that “some customers were unfortunately unable to get all their orders in” through their app before the draw.

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