Why does Milo from Milo vans taste different? Is there really a secret recipe? We tried

From time to time, one ponders the great mysteries of the universe, like whether the Loch Ness monster exists, how the Aztecs built their pyramids and why Milo from a Milo van will always taste better than Milo that is not dispensed into tiny paper cups from the side of a mobile truck.

We polled some friends to get their speculative thoughts on why the cold, cocoa goodness of the Milo van’s libations just hits differently, and got everything from “sugar levels” to “addictive substances”, and even milk conspiracy theories ranging from “it uses UHT milk” to “there’s a cow in the van for fresh milk”.

Maisarah Abu Samah, who started an informal movement dedicated to Milo fandom called the Milo High Club among her friends, has her own hypothesis, too.

“You need to have the agitation of driving the Milo from their building all around Singapore to wherever the location is, to get that smoothness,” the video producer who’s in her late 30s quipped.

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