Which European countries sustain the Spanish fruit and vegetable export’s growth in

Between January and October 2023, the value of Spanish fruit and vegetable exports grew by 6% over the same period of 2022, reaching a total of 13,470 million euro. This increase is attributed to the outstanding performance of the main Community markets, which accounted for 82% of that total, led by Germany with an 11% growth, France with a 2% increase, and the Netherlands with a 6% increase.

Spanish fresh fruits and vegetables sales to Germany during the first ten months of the year totaled 3,923 million euro, i.e. 11% more than in the same period of the previous year. Exports to France amounted to 2,237 million euro (+2%), while exports to the Netherlands amounted to 1,063 million euro (+6%).

Italy and Portugal were the fourth and fifth most important markets for the Spanish sector in the EU. Exports to Italy increased by 5% and totaled 728 million euro, and exports to Portugal grew by a remarkable 32%, standing at 617 million euro.

Outside the EU, the value of Spanish fruit and vegetable sales in this period stood at 2,477 million euro, i.e. 2% less than in the same period in 2022. Despite experiencing a 3% decrease, the United Kingdom was the main destination with 1,619 million euro.

According to FEPEX, these data show that the European Union is the natural market for the Spanish sector and continues to strengthen, despite the difficulties in consolidating non-EU markets, especially outside Europe. Between January and October 2023, exports to other markets which had shown positive results in other periods, such as Canada, amounted to 39 million euro and declined by 29% over the same period of 2022.

Source: fepex.es

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