We tour a Hong Kong actor’s Bangkok penthouse filled with Hermes furniture

Guests not only come to lounge and dine here; they also engage with other activities planned into the space. “To cater to the needs of my guests, we have an incredible entertainment room equipped with a karaoke station, a space for parties and even activities like mahjong,” the owner mentioned.

These activities are housed in an outdoor glasshouse at the terrace, which, together with the open kitchen and informal dining area, forms the heart of the penthouse’s entertainment corner. It is completed with a small spa that comes with a massage bed, sauna, and outdoor shower at the terrace.

The sliding doors makes it easy for guests to move between the interior and exterior spaces. Hexagon-shaped timber mosaics rise up the wall as a dramatic backdrop for the open kitchen, where Michelin-starred chefs are invited regularly to cook for the owner’s gatherings.

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