Utah family goes on a multimonth bike tour across Europe

BOUNTIFUL — For many, it is the season of spring break, a time when one may feel the need to unplug, chase some sunshine or hit a reset.

As one Utah serial entrepreneur describes, it is important to work hard and play hard.

Dale Majors often asks, ‘How’s your family life? How’s your fitness?’ with his company Venture Anyway, when coaching and encouraging other entrepreneurs.

As the saying goes, you practice how you play, which, for Majors, his wife and their six kids, meant going on a multimonth family bike tour and logging some 1,850 miles across Europe and the Alps.

“I want the kids to learn that they’re capable, and that when things are really hard, if they just keep going, that it’s gonna sort itself out and that they can do hard things,” said Dale Majors.

Majors said by unplugging and prioritizing time with those you love, things get clearer.

“Being able to engage in the tour with my family and be all in there,” Majors said.

Upon return, one may find readiness and focus increase and make way for being the best you.

“We think we have to have it all. Where instead deciding that, ‘Hey, I do want to be a great dad. I want to learn French, but maybe I don’t have to study French for 30 min a day. Maybe I can study for two minutes a day and that’s enough,’” Majors said.

Dale’s wife, Brittany Majors, said those moments as a family, like climbing a seemingly never-ending hill on bike, where things get tough.

“Everybody had to have their little breakdown, and then finally we decided you know what, we’re just gonna go a little bit further. We’re gonna try to go just one more mile,” Brittany Majors said.

When that curb finally comes around, she said that makes it all worth it.

“We could see everything we had done, and it was so powerful,” she said.

Now back at home base, a reminder that taking a moment for yourself is showing up for others, too.

“It’s amazing how much clarity you come back with,” Dale Majors said.

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