UN experts condemn ‘extrajudicial’ killing of deputy leader of Hamas in Lebanon

Aruri was killed last week by a drone in Beirut’s southern suburbs, the stronghold of Hamas’ Iranian-backed Lebanese ally Hezbollah, in an attack widely attributed to Israel.

The UN Special Rapporteurs also said there was “no legal basis for geographically unlimited attacks against members of an armed group wherever they are”.

Hezbollah has been firing guided rockets and other weapons across Lebanon’s southern border at Israeli positions since Israel went to war with Hamas in Gaza three months ago, and Israel has launched air and artillery strikes in Lebanon.

Israeli forces also killed Wissam Tawil, a top Hezbollah commander, in a strike in south Lebanon on Monday, sources familiar with the heavily armed Shi’ite militant group’s operations said.

Hezbollah retaliated on Tuesday, hitting Israeli army headquarters in Safed, northern Israel, with drones.

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