Ukraine power firm hit by Russian attacks warns repairs could take 18 months

“To be specific, five out of six of our stations were severely damaged, some units were destroyed, some were damaged by 50 per cent or more,” he said.

“This applies to both the western regions and the central regions, and both the equipment necessary for the production of electricity and for transmission from the station to the grid were damaged,” he said.

His company suffered losses amounting to US$300 million for equipment alone, he said, while labour costs would require as much as half as much again. “We have determined that 80 per cent of the available generating capacity is not working now,” he added.

A senior official at the Centrenergo generating company said the 10-unit Zmiivska thermal plant in northeastern Kharkiv region had been destroyed in the Mar 22 attacks.

DTEK spent US$110 million restoring 10 blocks hit by Russian attacks last year, Sakharuk said, with two-thirds of those now destroyed again.

It will require months of repairs, he said, and in some cases as long as a year and half.

“It takes time to manufacture a turbine or a generator or a transformer, so you need be prepared for the fact that the power will return gradually,” he said.

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