Ukraine invites China’s Xi to ‘peace summit’: Zelenskyy’s top adviser

Putin says the invasion was necessary to protect Russia’s own security, while Kyiv and the West say it is an unprovoked war of aggression and a land grab.

Neutral Switzerland agreed to host the Ukraine peace summit on Ukraine at Zelenskyy’s request but no date or venue has yet been set. Zhovkva said teams were still working on the details.


Zhovkva also said the national security advisers of a record 82 countries had taken part in talks this month in the Swiss town of Davos that focused on Ukraine’s 10-point peace plan.

Russia has not been invited to the planned summit and has previously said Ukraine’s 10-point plan will come to nothing.

That plan envisages the restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity, withdrawal of all Russian troops, protection of food and energy supplies, nuclear safety, and the release of all prisoners of war.

“We will talk about a certain road map (at the summit) to implement this (peace) formula,” said Zhovkva.

Ukraine is scrambling to maintain international support amid signs of war weariness among its Western allies after the failure of Kyiv’s counteroffensive last year to bring a breakthrough on the battlefield. The frontlines have remained little changed and the war in Gaza has recently become a more pressing focus of global attention.

Zhovkva hailed the participation of many countries from the Global South at the Davos talks, saying Ukraine hoped to maintain this level at the summit.

China’s representative participated in a meeting on Ukraine in Saudi Arabia last summer, and Xi and Zelenskyy have also spoken by phone.

Beijing last year put forward its own 12-point plan for peace in Ukraine that involves declaring a ceasefire but does not stipulate that Russia should withdraw from any of the territory it has seized.

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