Top 10 regions with most ‘lighthouse factories’ in China

East China”s Jiangsu province took the lead in housing the country’s most “lighthouse factories” – manufacturers that show leadership in using Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies, according to a report by the Securities Times.

With a total of eight “lighthouse factories”, South China’s Guangdong took the second place, following Jiangsu which houses twelve “lighthouse factories”.

Anhui, Shandong and Taiwan tied third place on the list with each place having five “lighthouse factories”.

China has the world’s highest number of “lighthouse factories” and twelve Chinese companies have been included in the 11th batch of “lighthouse factories” list released by the World Economic Forum, making the total of Chinese factories on the list reach 62.

Global Lighthouse Network is a community of manufacturers showing leadership in using Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies to transform factories, value chains and business models for compelling financial and operational returns, according to World Economic Forum.

It is a World Economic Forum initiative in collaboration with McKinsey which examines the future of operations and considers how Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies are shaping production.

China’s remarkable achievements in the development of “lighthouse factories” reflect the country’s strong strength and competitiveness in the field of manufacturing, the report said.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 regions with most lighthouse factories in China.

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