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Several European countries, including Germany, Italy, Scotland, Netherlands, and Finland, have decided to suspend funding to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) due to allegations of staff involvement in the October 7 terror attack in Israel. Scotland explicitly stated that it has “no plans to provide further support to UNRWA at this stage.” While the European Union as a whole has not made a collective decision to suspend funding, UNRWA’s Commissioner-general, Philippe Lazzarini, has urged countries to reconsider their funding suspension, emphasizing the potential threat to ongoing humanitarian work in Gaza for Palestinian refugees. Lazzarini deems the decision to sanction the agency and the community it serves based on allegations during a time of war, displacement, and political crises immensely irresponsible. He said, “It would be immensely irresponsible to sanction an Agency and an entire community it serves because of allegations of criminal acts against some individuals, especially at a time of war, displacement and political crises in the region.”

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