Three Aussies share $90 million lotto win after Boxing Day draw

The $90 million was won by three New South Wales players who are now all multi-millionaires, walking away with $32,629,794.23 each for their division one win.

The winning trio includes a Sutherland Shire dad, a Campbelltown man and one other lucky winner who doesn’t know they’ve won yet.

Victorian syndicate won $12,582,613.74.
Three lucky Australians are getting the most life-changing belated Christmas present after the record Oz Lotto jackpot went off last night. (The Lott)

The mystery winner purchased their ticket at a NSW Lotteries outlet in the Cumberland Shire, but officials were unable to contact the winner after the draw.

“We were ready to confirm the third Oz Lotto division one winner straight after the draw tonight, but sadly whenever we called the number provided, it just rang out and went straight to message bank,” The Lott spokesperson Matt Hart said.

“If you see a number of missed calls on your phone from Tuesday night, you could be the mystery multi-millionaire we’re urgently trying to contact.

“We’re urging all Oz Lotto players to check their entries as soon as possible.”

The two men, who both purchased their tickets online, were contacted following their win and both left in disbelief at the sum of money.

The Sutherland Shire dad, who was getting ready for bed, mistakenly thought he’d won $32,000, rather than $32 million.

“That is insane. That’s crazy,” he told officials over the phone.

“I saw there was a big draw tonight and I just thought, ‘Stuff it, I’m going for it’. I can’t believe it! This type of thing doesn’t happen to someone like me.”

The dad plans to use his windfall to “buy a house, set the kids up and enjoy a holiday overseas”.

The Campbelltown man and his wife are contemplating an early retirement after their massive win with the last minute ticket purchase.

“I can’t believe it! I’m shaking!,” the man told officials.

“I sometimes play, and today I saw there was a $90 million draw, so I just grabbed a ticket this afternoon. I can’t believe it.

“It’s a dream come true! It’s not just for myself but my entire family. Some of my family have been going through hard times lately and this is going to be a huge help, this is such a wonderful thing.”

The Boxing Day draw was the second-largest jackpot in Australian history, with The Lott expecting “up to a third of Australian adults” to have bought a ticket.

In addition to the three main winners of the night, there were also 31 division two wins who each won just over $52,000.

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