This is why parents go to great lengths to conquer PSLE. But what do their children say?

Caleb, too, was at a boot camp during the September term break, which led him to express tiredness and question why his mum had enrolled him in the camp. “But I know that it’s for my own good,” he said.

Nowadays, regular tuition is not enough for some parents. Besides boot camps, there are academic enrichment centres offering unconventional teaching methods, from memory practices that stimulate the right brain — or so it is claimed — to speed calculations.

CNA’s survey found that 28 per cent of parents have enrolled their child for such enrichment classes in preparation for the PSLE.

Most parents (60 per cent), however, send their children to tuition classes. Among them, 65 per cent send their children to three or four classes, and for another 6 per cent, it is five or more classes.

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