Things I would tell my younger self: Actor Qi Yuwu

Feelings and how they are expressed are, after all, what he deals in as an actor; and the more life experiences he collects as he approaches middle age, the better he can hone his craft.

“Acting is a path of self-torture,” he quipped, with a laugh. “You have to portray many human emotions”, including but not limited to extreme joy, sorrow, pain, destitution and hope, and that’s just in Once Upon A New Year’s Eve alone.

But, there’s an upside. “It helps you understand things in your own life, and makes you a better person – a better son, a better father, a better husband, a better friend, a better actor.”

If you have regrets, they serve to illuminate the things in life that you should not take for granted, he asserted.

But he, personally, doesn’t have any.

“I think I’m quite happy now, so I don’t have regrets. I think: Take things lightly. You might turn out to be right or wrong, but you always gain something good out of everything.”

Once Upon A New Year’s Eve premieres Jan 18 on Channel 8 at 9pm. Also available on mewatch.

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