The MBS floral supervisor who once struggled to make ends meet, now creates world-class


To do this work, you have to be happy. If you’re unhappy, it shows up in your arrangement. If you’re stressed out, your flowers will look stressed out.   

I used to think it was insane to talk to plants. Years ago, when my sister visited me at my office, she told me how her friend would talk to plants, telling them she loved them and coaxing them to stay alive and fresh.

I thought only crazy people talked to plants.

But then I noticed people who talked to their plants had the most beautiful gardens. I could never get my plants to look like theirs no matter how well I watered them, or the quality of my soil and fertilisers.

So I tried it. Once, while planning a trip that would keep me away from Singapore for two weeks, I was at a loss over what to do with my five-or-so plants, especially my ivy. Ivy needs to be kept in a cool environment. I didn’t think mine would survive very long in a hot and humid climate, much less survive being abandoned for such a long period. 

My plants are in my room and of course, I had to keep my windows closed and door locked while I was away – there would be no ventilation for two weeks. But I placed them in a few inches of water and spoke to them, telling them I loved them very much and that I would return soon. I asked them to stay healthy and happy.

When I returned home, they were all fine, even the high-maintenance ivy!

Now I believe: You have to connect with your plants in order for them to thrive, which incidentally, is also how relationships thrive. 

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