‘The kids were very close by’: Commonwealth Avenue chopper attack heroes recount drama

The suspect, a 20-year-old man, will be charged on Monday with voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons.

The police held a press conference on Sunday to give further details of the incident, while three of the five people who received the Public Spiritedness Award for their heroics recounted the drama that unfolded.

For Mr Mok, it began just after he had ended his shift as a cleaner at a hawker centre on Margaret Drive.

He was walking “happily” with a few hawkers, their spouses, the chairman of the Margaret Drive Hawker’s Association and some grassroots members to Queenstown Community Centre when he saw people shouting and running towards him.

Then he saw a young man wielding a chopper approaching the group, with Mr Gangatharan following closely behind.

Mr Gangatharan, a business development executive who had just left a Sheng Siong supermarket at around 7pm, said: “I heard people shouting, then I turned back to look and I saw this man running with a chopper, just chasing people.”

As the suspect approached Mr Mok and his group, he started swinging his chopper around.

“As I turned around, I saw he had a chopper in his hand,” Mr Mok said. “So I tried to push the chairman out of the away, but it’s too late.”

Mr Mok added that the chairman of the Margaret Drive Hawker’s Association sustained a small gash at the back of his head.

Stung into action, Mr Mok, Mr Gangatharan and two other people gave pursuit. They shouted at the suspect to stop and yelled at passersby to get out of harm’s way.

Mr Ee heard the commotion but did not manage to react in time; the suspect came from behind him and sliced his right arm.

Undeterred, Mr Ee also joined the chase.

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