South Australian State Championships: Serious Paris Medal Contender Matt Temple Lays Down

South Australian State Championships: Serious Paris Medal Contender Matt Temple Lays Down Sizzling  50.60 To Claim 100m Butterfly Final

South Australia’s emerging Olympic medal hopeful Matt Temple has tonight continued his world class attack on the 100m butterfly – stopping the clock in 50.60 at his home State Championships in Adelaide – his third fastest time ever.

The 24-year-old, who finished equal fifth in Tokyo, has started 2024 in the same sizzling form he finished 2023 on the second night of finals action at the South Australian Open Championships – further confirmation that he is a realistic medal chance.

Australia has never won the event – first swum in Mexico City in 1968 – with just five Australians – Glenn Buchannan (Bronze; 1984); Scott Miller (Silver; 1996); Michael Klim (Silver, 2000); Geoff Huegill (Bronze, 2000) and Andrew Lauterstein (Bronze 2008) all swimming their way onto the podium.

ON THE FLY: Matt Temple in full cry. Photo Courtesy:Delly Carr (Swimming NSW)

Temple had smashed his own Australian record last month, letting rip a 50.25 at the Japan Open – breaking his own National mark of 50.45, set at the 2021 Trials and he wasted no time at the SA Sports And Aquatic Centre tonight – setting a cracking pace through the first 50m of 23.81 – the same time he had split earlier in the night in the 100m freestyle.

The former Victorian left his Marion training partners, German National Josha Salchow (54.78) and World 100m freestyle champion Kyle Chalmers (54.71) in his wake,

Earlier in the night, it was 2016 Olympic champion Chalmers who had has asserted his hometown ascendancy to win his host blue ribband 100m freestyle title.

The 25-year-old has his sights on a rare slice of history – winning back the Olympic crown he won as an 18-year-old in Rio in 2016, only to see the flying US condor Caleb Dressel snatch the crown in Tokyo inn 2021 and then winning it back in Paris.

The boys from Marion, Chalmers (48.82), fellow Olympian Temple (48.99), Salchow (49.32) and sixth-placed former Queenslander Dylan Andrea (49.79), in the squad for the Paris selection campaign, started the show for their home crowd.

It was Chalmers out in lane seven who led the field through the 50m turn in 23.62, followed by Temple (23.81), Andrea (23.92) and Salchow (24.02) before Temple powered off the turn, his good mate Chalmers in his sights down the second 50m, actually swimming marginally faster, Temple home in 25.18 and Chalmers in 25.20 – just 0.17 separating the pair.

The Marion-based foursome are continuing to push each other, under the masterly coaching of Peter Bishop,both in the training pool and when it comes to racing as they set their sights on the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Others in the race included emerging New South Welshman Marcus Da Silva (Cranbrook, NSW) who was fourth in 49.45 and visiting Swedish sprint star in Isak Eliasson (49.71).

2004 South Australian Open Swimming Championships FINALS, after Day 2:


50m freestyle

  1. Grayson Bell (TSS Aquatic, QLD) 22.33
  2. Kyle Chalmers (Marion, SA) 22.66
  3. Matthew Temple (Marion, SA) 22.66

100m freestyle

  1. Kyle Chalmers (Marion, SA) 48.82
  2. Matt Temple (Marion, SA) 99
  3. Josha Salchow (Germany) 49.32

400m freestyle

  1. Thomas Hauck (All Saints, QLD) 3:57.93
  2. Kyle Chalmers (Marion, SA) 3:59.04)
  3. Marcus Da Silva (Cranbrook, NSW) 3:59.77

50m backstroke

  1. Will Sharp (Nunawading, VIC) 26.35
  2. Tane Bidios (Knox-Pymble, NSW) 26.48
  3. Noah Pronk (Immanuel College Piranhas, SA) ) 27.53

200m backstroke

  1. Will Sharp (Nunawading, VIC) 2:01.56
  2. Thomas Hauck (All Saints, QLD) 2:04.19
  3. Evan Chee (Nunawading, VIC) 2:04.53

100m breaststroke

  1. Sam Williamson (Melbourne Vicentre, VIC) 1:01.47
  2. Will Petric (Nunawading, VIC) 1:02.36
  3. James McKechnie (Starplex, SA) 1:03.61

100m butterfly

  1. Matt Temple (Marion, SA) 60
  2. Kyle Chalmers (Marion, SA) 54.71
  3. Josha Salchow (Germany) 54.78

200m individual medley

  1. Will Petric (Nunawading, VIC) 1:59.97
  2. Evan Chee (Nunawading, VIC) 2:06.70
  3. Will Sharp (Nunawading, VIC) 2:09.12


50m freestyle

  1. Bronte Campbell (Cruiz, NSW) 24.61
  2. Abbey Webb (Cruiz, NSW) 25.12
  3. Brittany Castelluzzo (Tea Tree Gully, SA) 25.40

200m freestyle

  1. Abbey Webb (Cruiz, NSW) 1:58.69
  2. Jaimie DeLutiis (Wests Illawarra, NSW) 1:59.85
  3. Brittany Castelluzzo (Tea Tree Gully, SA 2:00.92

400m freestyle

  1. Molly Walker (Southern Performance, SA) 4:15.19
  2. Emily White (Marion, SA) 4:24.73
  3. Clara Carrocci (Norwood, SA) 4:26.97

50m backstroke

  1. Olivia Lefoe (Nunawading, VIC) 29.19
  2. Ingeborg Loeyning (Norway) 29.29
  3. Isabel McLachlan (Marion, SA) 29.79

100m backstroke

  1. Olivia Lefoe (Nunawading, VIC) 1:02.05
  2. Bella Grant (Trinity Grammar, NSW) 1:03.23
  3. Meg Senior (Cruiz, NSW) 1:03.23

100m breaststroke

  1. Tara Kinder (Melbourne Vicentre, VIC) 1:09.21
  2. Emily Nobbs (Cruiz, NSW) 1:11.27
  3. Ava Rollason Cruiz, NSW) 1:13.47

200m breaststroke

  1. Tara Kinder (Melbourne Vicentre, VIC) 2:29.41
  2. Zoe Deakin (Nunawading, VIC) 2:32.56
  3. Reidel Smith (Nunawading, VIC) 2:33.78

50m butterfly

  1. Olivia Wunsch (Carlile, NSW) 27.09
  2. Brittany Castelluzzo (Tea Tree Gully, SA) 27.16
  3. Bella Grant (Trinity Grammar, NSW) 27.92

200m butterfly

  1. Kayla Hardy (Cruiz, NSW) 2:11.65)
  2. Brittany Castelluzzo (Tea Tree Gully, SA) 2:13.35
  3. Bella Grant (Trinity Grammar, NSW) 2:13.43

400m individual medley

  1. Kayla Hardy (Cruiz, NSW) 4:45.14
  2. Emily White (Marion, SA) 4:57.04
  3. Arabella Bahr (Norwood, SA) 5:01.21 

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