Singapore’s type O blood stocks at critical levels; Red Cross, HSA urge donors to come

SINGAPORE: Group O blood stocks in Singapore are at critical levels, with the country currently having less than a six-day stockpile, the Singapore Red Cross (SRC) and the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) said on Thursday (Jan 25). 

They urged Group O donors to come forward and “donate blood over these two weeks leading up to the Chinese New Year holiday” on Feb 10 and Feb 11 to restore stocks to healthy levels. 

“Group O blood stocks have dipped below six days and are currently at critical levels due to high usage of these blood types and lower than normal blood donor turnout since the beginning of 2024,” SRC and HSA said in a joint media release.

“As the universal blood group, group O blood is required during emergencies when patients’ blood groups are unknown. Furthermore, nearly half of all patients in Singapore have group O blood and can only receive group O blood.”

SRC and HSA said that if group O blood stocks drop further, elective surgeries will have to be postponed and life-saving transfusions could be compromised.

They added that, at the minimum, they require a nine-day stockpile in order to respond to emergencies. A 12-day stockpile would be regarded as healthy, SRC said in response to a CNA query.

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