Singaporean businessman David Yong featured in new Netflix show has a cash counting

You may have heard of new Netflix variety show, Super Rich In Korea, which showcases the lifestyles of five extremely affluent individuals who have chosen to set up base in Korea.

One of its main cast members is 37-year-old Singaporean businessman, Evergreen Group Holdings CEO David Yong.

On the show, Yong declared himself as part of “Singapore’s top 1 per cent super rich”, and gave a brief tour of his four-storey mansion in Singapore.

In Korea, home for Yong is an apartment in luxury hotel Signiel Seoul.

He took his friend and fellow Super Rich In Korea co-star, Milan-born chef and entrepreneur Teodoro Marani, on a tour of his space.

Besides noting the opulence of Yong’s decor, Marani’s attention was drawn to an item that sat in the living room – an automated cash-counting machine.

He asked Yong if counting cash is his favourite hobby, to which Yong replied: “One of my hobbies. Sometimes, cash is more convenient.” He then gave a demonstration of how he would use the machine with a stack of 50,000 won notes.

“Do you not have this in Italy?” asked Yong. Marani replied: “We do, but not in my house.”

In an interview, Marani said: “I love David, great guy, great friend. (But) the money counting machine? Really? Do you need it in the living room?”

Cut to Yong, who replies with a sassy: “So what? Bite me.”

He also revealed that he is currently renting the space at Signiel, and paid 500 million won (US$365,400) as deposit. His monthly rent is 20 million won, and cleaning fees for the apartment cost 2 million won, an amount he said is “no big deal”.

Yong later expressed his wish to move to a larger space, as his current place is “too small” and can only accommodate a limited number of guests.

The audience is then given a tour of Yong’s walk-in wardrobe, which sees his clothing and accessories on display. That was when Thailand-born Korean idol Bam Bam, who is part of the show’s panel of commentators, pointed out a watch in Yong’s arsenal.

“How does he have that watch?” wondered Bam Bam.

Turns out, the limited-edition timepiece is a collaboration between luxury brands Patek Philippe and Tiffany & Co, and was sold for US$6.5 million in an auction when it was first released.

Talk about crazy rich right?

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