Singapore film Wonderland starring Mark Lee and Peter Yu wins award at Palm Springs

Wonderland is directed by Chai Yee Wei and produced by Mocha Chai Laboratories, a development house founded in 2012 by Chai and industry veteran Michelle Chang.

Said Chang, 50: “Winning the Local Jury Award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival (PSIFF) is totally unexpected, as we are talking about an independent, non-English, Hokkien-dialect film from tiny Singapore, moving the hearts and minds of Palm Springs residents.

“This win is proof that as long as you believe in something, work hard at it, and never let go of your passion, the world will conspire to reward you for it.”

This is Chang’s first screenplay, and she co-wrote it with her husband Chance Wanlass.

She told CNA: “Making this movie is so special for me on so many levels … I hope our wins for the film inspire all dreamers out there to never let go of their passion, no matter what age they are.”

Said Chai, the director: “Wonderland winning the local jury award in Palm Springs speaks volume about the way the subject matter touches people from all walks of life, regardless of where you are from. It is super encouraging for a film that is shamelessly Singaporean to touch people from all walks of life. To be able to direct something like this is an opportunity that doesn’t come very often. Kudos to all the Singaporean team members.”

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