Singapore, Brunei to mark 40 years of bilateral ties with visits, joint activities


“As small nation-states whose core interests are best served by an open and rules-based international economic order, we seek a high-level of ambition in our cooperation,” said Mr Tharman, adding that the strong relations between Singapore and Brunei is characterised by symbiosis and a sense of kinship. 

He identified renewable energy and digital finance as emerging areas in which the two countries can work together closely.

“We are now raising our strategic partnership to an even higher level. But underpinning it all, must be the trust between us, and particularly between future generations of Bruneians and Singaporeans,” added Mr Tharman.

Sultan Bolkiah said in his address that it is important for Singapore and Brunei to “continue working together to safeguard our common aspirations and interests”, as the two countries reflect on shared achievements and look towards the future. 

“I am pleased with our mutual commitment to further deepen trade linkages in food, medical products, and energy,” he added. 

“In addition, we have also continued to nurture more robust people-to-people exchange programmes that will further strengthen the affinity shared between our people.”

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