Shocking moment teens clash with police at popular Sydney beach – Daily Mail

Shocking footage has emerged of police officers pushing teenagers across a busy road after Australia Day celebrations turned sour at a popular beach. 

Footage of up to fifty teenagers causing trouble at Manly Wharf, on Sydney‘s northern beaches, started to circulate on social media on Friday afternoon. 

In one video, dozens of shirtless teens are seen running around outside the wharf while frenzied police attempt to control the crowds. 

Officers were forced to form a ‘barricade’ at the entrance, local media reported. 

In another video, posted by Instagram page Creatures of Manly, officers form a line to push the crowds of teenagers across a busy road. 

The mood intensifies after officers appears to shove a bikini-clad teenager, prompting an uproar from her friends. 

‘Holy s***,’ the man filming the clash is heard saying. 

Up to fifty teenagers congregated at Manly Wharf in Sydney on Friday afternoon (pictured)

Up to fifty teenagers congregated at Manly Wharf in Sydney on Friday afternoon (pictured)

An elderly man is seeing trying to cross the road amongst the chaos as officers attempt to move the crowds away from the wharf. 

Witnesses told Daily Mail Australia there was ‘about hundred’ police officers at the wharf as well as members of the Public Order Riot Squad. 

Another local said they saw a Polair helicopter flying overhead as officers fought to manage the crowds of high-spirited teenagers at the wharf. 

Others claimed nearby streets were blocked-off, teens were being arrested and that pepper spray was reportedly being used. 

Witnesses told Daily Mail Australia there appeared to be 'one hundred' police officers in Manly

Witnesses told Daily Mail Australia there appeared to be ‘one hundred’ police officers in Manly

Locals asked why so many police officers were in Manly in a community Facebook page on Friday evening. 

‘I saw someone running and being chased by a cop, people screaming but I walked away. Police cars started arriving one after the other,’ one woman said. 

‘It was scary and I left the place.’

‘I’ve never seen so many teenagers in the one vicinity in my life. I’m assuming it’s going to get more and more out of hand,’ another said. 

A third wrote: ‘Similar to previous Australia Days in Manly. Just worse this time. Sad.’

A NSW Police spokesperson said officers attended the forecourt area of Manly Wharf in response to reports of a brawl at about 3.30pm on Friday.

‘As a result of operation, police arrested three male teenagers who were taken to Manly Police Station where they assisted police with inquiries,’ the statement said.

‘Anyone with information about this incident is urged to contact Crime Stoppers.’

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