Senior Yemen official says ground operation needed against Houthis

Last month, Yemen’s warring parties committed to a ceasefire and agreed to engage in a United Nations-led peace process to end the war, according to the UN envoy for Yemen.

Zubaidi said foreign military aid should centre around intelligence sharing, capacity building, training and equipment.

“This approach enables local credible and effective forces to join up the effort with the Western targeted air strikes,” Zubaidi said. 

“This is a discussion we are having with the US and UK. The lack of a joined-up approach would only repeat the mistakes of past efforts,” he added.

The United States and Britain have intercepted missiles and drones fired by the Houthis and targeted launch sites in rebel-held areas in response to attacks that have disrupted global maritime shipping.

Around 12 per cent of global trade normally passes through the Bab al-Mandeb Strait, the Red Sea’s entrance between Yemen and the Horn of Africa.

The Iran-backed Houthis say they are acting in solidarity with Gaza in the conflict between Palestinian militant group Hamas and Israel.


The United States said on Wednesday it would re-designate the Huthi rebels as a “terrorist” organisation due to their repeated attacks on Red Sea shipping.

The US military also launched a new strike on Huthi targets, hitting 14 missiles that were ready to launch from rebel-controlled areas.

The Houthis struck a US-owned bulk cargo carrier following the designation announcement and vowed to continue their attacks.

Zubaidi said the designation was “natural” given the Houthi attacks on ships.

“They are a terrorist organisation that carried out actions outside of UN and international norms,” he said.

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