Sakura forecast for 2024: Here’s when you can catch cherry blossoms in Japan

The first flowers of 2024 will appear in Kochi on Mar 18, according to JMC, with full bloom being reached on Mar 26.

On Mar 21, the blossoms will appear in Fukuoka and Nagoya, with full bloom on Mar 30 and Mar 31 respectively.

Tourists will only be able to catch a glimpse of the pink petals in Tokyo on Mar 23, with full bloom anticipated on Mar 30.

In Kyoto and Osaka, trees are predicted to begin flowering on Mar 23 and Mar 25 respectively. Cherry blossoms in both cities are expected to be in full bloom on Apr 1.

Sapporo, meanwhile, will have to wait until May 2, with full bloom in the capital of the Hokkaido region expected on May 6.

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