Republicans ‘shameful’ for blocking Ukraine aid, says Australia’s Tony Abbott

Senate Republicans this week blocked a $118 billion package which would have sent foreign aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, while also allocating more money to shore up the country’s southern border.

Abbott won election in 2013 on a platform centered largely on stopping illegal migration and reversing measures aimed at cutting carbon emissions.

He is no stranger to conservative U.S. politics, and has spoken several times at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

Speaking at an event for the Legatum Institute think tank in London, Abbott said he could “absolutely understand why a lot of Americans, particularly the Republicans, are unhappy with what is happening on the border.”

“And yes the Republicans want to pressure the administration into doing more — fair enough,” he said.

“But you should not make something as important as continuing support for the Ukraine hostage to some other political objective.”

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