Red Sea attacks have led to ‘some delays’ in Singapore’s imports from Europe: Gan Kim

Singapore is a participant in Operation Prosperity Guardian (OPG) – a naval task force formed by the United States and other countries to secure the vital seaway.

Dr Ng said last month that Singapore is deploying a team of planners to work with international partners at their headquarters to formulate plans.

It will also be sending a team from the Republic of Singapore Navy’s Information Fusion Centre to support information sharing and engagement outreach to the commercial shipping community, as well as a senior national representative to the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) in Bahrain.

In a separate written answer on Monday, Dr Ng said it is in Singapore’s interest to be a part of such international efforts to ensure key sea lines of communication, such as the Red Sea, remain open and safe for the free flow of trade.

He reiterated that the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) was not involved in a series of strikes by the United States and the United Kingdon on Houthi targets in Yemen, adding that the strikes are not linked to Operation Prosperity Guardian.

The Defence Minister also urged the Houthis to stop their unlawful attacks in the Red Sea.


In a written answer to another parliamentary question, Dr Ng also provided an update on the two-men SAF team serving aboard the French Armed Forces’ (FAF) ship FS Dixmude.

The helicopter carrier is a reconfigured hospital ship 

The pair – Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) (Dr) Nazirul Hannan Abdul Aziz and Military Expert 3 (ME3) Jimmy Woo Ying Ming – were on the ship as part of Singapore’s continued efforts to provide humanitarian assistance to Gaza.

“Working together with the FAF and other international partners, they provided medical aid and post operative nursing care to civilian casualties from Gaza, including oncological and trauma patients with injuries ranging from amputated limbs, fractures and infections,” said Dr Ng.

The pair ended their deployment on Jan 27, with the departure of the ship from Egypt.

“The SAF will continue to monitor the situation in the region closely and assess how we can contribute further in humanitarian assistance to Gaza,” said the Defence Minister.

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