Reckless driver hops into another vehicle in attempt to evade LAPD during chase

Two people were detained Friday after an erratic driver traveled at high speeds throughout Los Angeles surface streets and had several close calls with other motorists.

The Los Angeles Police Department’s Newton division attempted to yield the driver of a stolen Dodge Challenger after officers discovered its license plate didn’t match the vehicle. Refusing to yield to police, the driver weaved in and out of traffic — often on the wrong side of the road — and drove at speeds of 50 to 60 mph on surface streets.

Due to the dangerous driving of the suspect, LAPD officers halted the chase and went into surveillance mode, tracking the driver until conditions were safer to attempt again to pull them over. Despite having no officers behind them, the driver continued to travel recklessly, cutting off other motorists and having near-misses with other vehicles on the road.

The driver primarily traveled through South Los Angeles, East LA, South Gate and Boyle Heights.

While traveling in South LA, the driver ditched the vehicle under a bridge and entered another car.

Officers located that second vehicle shortly after the switch and had the vehicle yield near the intersection of Vernon Avenue and Hoover Street. There, two people surrendered to authorities and police detained both occupants.

LAPD later said the passenger of the second vehicle was the individual who instigated the pursuit.

Authorities did not release the names of the individuals who were detained, nor did they detail what charges they may face.

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