Proton would welcome lemon law in Malaysia: Roslan –

Proton would welcome lemon law in Malaysia: Roslan

Proton would welcome a possible introduction of a lemon law in Malaysia, according to its deputy CEO, Roslan Abdullah. However, car manufacturers should be protected under the rule too, he said.

“We are supportive of efforts to protect consumers. It is our fervent hope that such a law should protect manufacturers too, as we are also consumers. We also rely on parts from others and are exposed to the elements just like other consumers,” Roslan explained.

“Lemon” is a colloquial term for a vehicle that is found to be defective shortly after purchase. Lemon laws are in place in many countries, including Singapore, Australia, the Philippines, China, Japan, South Korea and the US. Coverage differs from place to place, but it’s a form of a legal structure to have car brands repair, replace, refund or reduce the price of the defective product within a reasonable time.

Proton would welcome lemon law in Malaysia: Roslan

Calls for a lemon law in Malaysia are nothing new (we’ve reported it since 2014), but a recent case involving a Perodua Bezza (above) that caught the public’s attention via a viral social media post have reignited the push for such a law. Since then, quite a few complaints on other carmakers have gone viral too, including Honda and even Mercedes-Benz.

Most recently, domestic trade and cost of living minister Datuk Armizan Mohd Ali stated that the Malaysian government is reviewing and researching the possibility of introducing a lemon law. However, don’t hold your breath just yet though, as we have heard about this from the same ministry since 2022, with no real movement in the matter.

Anyway, what do you think of Proton’s stance on a possible lemon law in Malaysia? Comment below!

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