Police Officer Who Threw Cooler at Fleeing Man Charged With Manslaughter

A police sergeant who threw a cooler at a Bronx man in August, knocking him off a motorbike and killing him, has been arrested and charged with manslaughter, assault and criminally negligent homicide, according to the police.

The sergeant, Erik Duran, 36, was suspended without pay days after the episode in which he hit the man, Eric Duprey, 30, who was fleeing narcotics officers attempting to arrest him.

According to police officials at the time, undercover narcotics officers were near 192nd Street and Aqueduct Avenue conducting a “buy-and-bust” — an operation to catch unsuspecting drug dealers. The police said that Mr. Duprey had sold drugs to one officer, which prompted officers nearby to move in to arrest him.

Mr. Duprey sped away, but lost control after being struck by the cooler, then hit a tree and a car before the bike toppled over and he fell to the ground, a surveillance video reviewed by The New York Times shows. He was pronounced dead at the scene four minutes later.

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