PlayStation Has Revealed The Most-Played Games In Australia And The Rest Of The World In

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As part of its “Ultimate Review of the Year” for 2023, PlayStation has published a neat interactive world map that shows which three games were the most played on PS5 and PS4 systems across various parts of the world.

In news that will shock exactly nobody, those top three games right here in Australia are:

  • Fortnite
  • Call of Duty
  • EA Sports FC 24

And those three titles continue to pop up across many regions with Fortnite and EA Sports FC 24nearly sweeping the whole thing between each other, if not for some outliers in East Asian countries like Japan, which seemingly really loves Apex Legends or South Korea which plays a lot of Diablo IV, apparently.

You can look at the full post, which also reveals some of the top-selling games and shouts out some other great titles from 2023, and explore the interactive map for yourself right here.

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