Pink Stops Australia Concert After Woman In The Mosh Pit Goes Into Labor

Concerts are great for letting loose, getting drinks, hanging out with friends, and…going into labor?

During a recent concert in Sydney, Australia, pop-artist Pink actually stopped her show when a pregnant woman in attendance went into labor. The concert goer was in the mosh pit section of Allianz Stadium, and was able to signal for medics, who rushed to her side in order to help. Pink, who was in the middle of performing her hit ‘Our Song,’ found out about what was going on and brought the show to a halt so the situation could be sorted out.

Once she was informed of what was going on, Pink asked out to the crowd:

“She didn’t just have the baby, right? Is the baby here? No? Okay. Congratulations!”

Eventually, the woman going into labor was put into a wheel chair and transported out of the mosh pit and sent on her way to a nearby hospital.

As she was being wheeled out, and with Pink knowing that everything was going to be okay, the pop-artist joked about the song that very well might have induced the expectant mother:

“Wow, ‘Our Song,’ huh? That was the one that did it? Wouldn’t have called that one. I thought it would have been like ‘Get the Party Started’ or ‘Never Gonna Not Dance Again.’ That’s exciting.”

Pink wished the woman well, and then went on with the concert afterwards. You can watch the immediate reaction from the artist and those attending the concert in the clip below:

@jessb536 Pink Sydney Australia 2024 – Congratulations to the new mum @P!NK #pink #sydneyaustralia #2024 #allianzstadiumsydney #baby ♬ original sound – Jess

As weird as this sounds, this apparently wasn’t the first time that someone went into labor at a Pink concert. Four years ago, a woman went into labor in Liverpool during Pink’s show, and actually gave the middle name of “Pink” to her daughter.

And just last year, a woman went into labor at a Pink concert in Boston, and actually managed to walk from the venue to a nearby hospital to have her child. So, if you are planning on going into labor soon, and you also have plans to attend a Pink concert, just be prepared…

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