Parliament to discuss LPA omission and Israel-Hamas conflict in MOE’s CCE lessons

The omission was discovered in October 2023 after MSF received feedback from a member of the public. Electronic LPAs certified on or after Jan 5, 2024, now include the required statement: “I intend this instrument to be a deed.”

Nominated MP Usha Chandradas filed a question asking about the circumstances that led to the omission of that sentence, how MSF discovered the omission, if the ministry had assessed the potential loss or harm suffered by donees and doners, and the steps taken to prevent a recurrence.

MP Tan Wu Meng (PAP-Jurong) asked why the omission had not been discovered sooner, if there were process checks such as proofreading or end-user experience validations when such key documentary processes are digitised, and if they were conducted by legally trained or laypersons.


According to the parliament order paper released on Monday, questions were also submitted on the Ministry of Education’s Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) lessons on the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Education Minister Chan Chun Sing said in February that his ministry’s CCE lessons are not intended to be history lessons, nor are they meant to ascribe who is right or wrong, but are instead designed to help students reflect on how to safeguard cohesion and harmony in a multiracial society and to empathise with others.

Mr Chan’s comments came after concerns arose online about what schools are teaching students about the conflict in Gaza, with some posts claiming that lessons only covered developments from the Hamas attack on Oct 7, without giving a historical context of the wider conflict between Israel and Palestine that dates back several decades.

Non-Constituency MP Leong Mun Wai (PSP) asked if and at which levels students are being taught about the Israel-Hamas conflict – either in the CCE curriculum or otherwise. He also wanted to know how the contents are differentiated among the various levels to take into account student maturity levels.

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