Nutri-Grade labels? Some Singaporeans draw a blank at new health mark for freshly made

The BreadTalk Group has also adjusted its menus at its food courts and Toast Box cafes.

At Toast Box, hot beverages – except for Milo – have been reformulated to improve their Nutri-Grade scores, said Ms Tan Lee Yen, senior manager for loyalty partnership and corp affairs.

At Food Republic and Food Junction, drinks stalls have revamped recipes for homemade drinks such as iced barley, she said. Pre-packaged offerings have also been reviewed to include zero sugar and healthier choice beverages.

A FairPrice Group spokesperson said its Kopitiam brand of coffeeshops had launched a Nutri-Grade mark menu as early as in September, and would progressively roll it out across all 85 outlets.

Other than kopi-O kosong (black coffee with no sugar), teh-O kosong (tea with no milk and no sugar), Chinese tea and plain water, there were few drinks labelled A at various coffeeshops and food courts CNA visited.

This is no surprise as to be labelled A, the drink has to have 0 per cent sugar, and saturated fat of 0.7g or less.

Grade B drinks are also few and far between. These have less than 5g of sugar and 1.2g of saturated fat.

Drinks that qualify are kopi or teh siu dai (less sugar), as well as bubble tea with 30 to 50 per cent sugar and no milk or toppings.

A regular coffee, tea, malted drink or bubble tea with 70 per cent sugar would be graded C.

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