Musicians Australia survey warns of an ‘insecure work crisis’ – Music Ally

The latest study calling attention to the financial struggles of professional musicians comes from Australia. From Musicians Australia, in fact, which is part of the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance (MEAA) there.

It surveyed more than 550 musicians and found that 49% of them earned less than A$5,999 (around $3.9k at current exchange rates) from the music industry in 2023. 64% earned less than A$14,999 ($9.8k).

Two thirds of the musicians surveyed were forced to take work up outside the music industry to survive; 86% feel that they are treated unfairly by the industry; and 42% reported playing unpaid gigs.

“This confirms that musicians are the face of Australia’s insecure work crisis,” said the MEAA’s campaigns director Paul Davies.

“Our members are telling us that conditions have worsened since the pandemic as converging issues ranging from venues closing or imposing rigid, one-sided fee arrangements, drying up, poor working conditions, and general cost of living concerns, which is threatening their viability in the industry.”

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