More efforts to prevent drink driving as demand for car-sharing services rev up in

The company has revved up its operations for this peak period, hiring more employees to beef up its customer support team and to better maintain its fleet of cars.

It is also doing more to ensure that drivers observe road safety, and encouraging customers not to drink and drive amid the year-end hurrah.

“We do come up with educational content and on social media. However, I think the most important (platform) is probably in-app because I think that is where our users are using our service,” said Mr Lim.

“They will receive notifications or even in our in-app inbox, they will sometimes receive some information like how do you drive better or what should you be looking out for if you’re driving.”


Another car-sharing company Shariot told CNA that demand for its cars has also accelerated, with its year-end business up 20 per cent compared to last year.

It is banking heavily on visual reminders to educate drivers about road safety during this period.

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