More crowd control measures at Marina Bay Sands’ dragon drone shows after first

SINGAPORE: More crowd control measures will be deployed at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) for the rest of its dragon drone shows in anticipation of large crowds. 

Additional security personnel will be on the ground and MBS will activate the security plans it uses for major events from Sunday (Feb 11), said a spokesperson. 

“We also urge members of the public to consider alternative viewing locations for the show, such as across the bay, as the 10-minute performance can be viewed across the entire 3.5km belt of the Marina Bay waterfront, with the iconic Marina Bay Sands building in the backdrop.”

The first performance of The Legend of the Dragon Gate: Drone Show by the Bay on Saturday night saw 1,500 drones form a dragon over Marina Bay in celebration of Chinese New Year.

The first show, originally scheduled for Feb 6, was postponed to Saturday due to “unforeseen circumstances”.

But large crowds, with congestion exacerbated by rainy weather, sparked safety concerns among some audience members. 

CNA’s Facebook video of the drone show on Saturday drew several angry reactions and comments, with users citing “massive throngs of people” and what was described as “no crowd control”.

“The MBS staff could not handle the massive throngs of people. Children were crying and the elderly look worried. People were screaming at each other not to push,” said Facebook user Justin Tan.

One commenter noted that audience members rushed into the shopping mall when it started to rain, with the crowd trying to fit through a “narrow door opening”, while another described the event as “chaotic” with “shouting matches”. 

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