Money laundering case: Vang Shuiming gets 11 fresh charges of submitting forged financial

Vang and nine others were arrested in August 2023 when Singapore police conducted simultaneous raids on multiple locations across Singapore, including luxury properties.

Since then, the total value of assets seized or frozen in relation to the money laundering case has risen to over S$3 billion.

More than S$200 million was seized from Vang and his wife.

Vang has sought bail the most number of times among the 10 caught in the probe, going as far as the High Court, but failed in all his attempts so far.

More than US$2.8 million (S$3.8 million) in cryptocurrencies from Vang’s account was withdrawn while he was remanded, a hearing in September revealed.

His lawyer, Mr Andrew Chua from Drew & Napier, asked for the matter to “remain in PTC (pre-trial conference)”.

He asked for the prosecution to inform the defence beforehand if there are future court mentions to be fixed, otherwise the defence would have to make urgent preparations to attend.

The police prosecutor said he understood and would inform the Deputy Public Prosecutor assigned to this case about the situation.

Mr Chua asked if Vang was expected to face more charges, but the police prosecutor said he did not have this information.

Vang will return to court for a pre-trial conference on Feb 1.

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