Missing man caught in rip identified as South Australian dad

Dan Cojocea remains missing today after being swept out to sea in a rip current yesterday afternoon.

A major search resumed at 7am this morning after an incident around 4.30pm at Mary Ellis Wreck Beach in South Australia yesterday.

The Roxyby Downs father, aged 43, was caught in a rip at a beach 20 kilometres south of Port Lincoln while swimming alongside a group of six children.

South Australia
Dan Cojocea remains missing (Supplied)

The search resumed this morning with Police Air, emergency service drones, and a boat all looking for the man.

Ground crews were also present, searching the coastline.

Six people were then helped from the water yesterday, with Cojocea unable to reach the shore.

Two of the children remain in Port Lincoln hospital, while two have been released.

The beach is known for its dangerous waters.

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