Migrant workers in Singapore get free Coldplay tickets, courtesy of band’s charity

A video taken on the night of the concert showed the migrant workers enjoying dinner with members of Krsna’s Free Meals and dancing along to Coldplay’s songs while wearing T-shirts of the band.

When asked about the concert, a spokesperson for Krsna’s Free Meals told CNA Lifestyle: “Everyone had a wonderful time. The concert was a magnificent show and the migrant workers who didn’t know the music at all, were rocking to the beats and enjoying the spectacle.

“It was something no one had ever seen before. The volunteers enjoyed the experience more, they said, because of the special role they had in assuring the workers got there safely. They felt the joy of the workers, and it was very satisfying to see them having a great time at the concert.”

Reactions to this collaboration have been overwhelmingly positive with many calling it “cute” and “wholesome”.

The initiative marks one of the many taken by Coldplay to bring about a positive impact during their world tour. These include having a kinetic dance floor and electric bikes that power the show to providing green transport options for fans heading home.

Coldplay will be performing their sixth and final Singapore show on Jan 31.

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