Matty Cash claimed he could name 13 European countries in 30 seconds, the actual amount

Matty Cash thought he could name 13 European countries – the actual amount he managed is hilarious.

Cash and Watkins went against each other as they had to name as many things as they could within 30 seconds on the allocated topic.

The Villa forward, who has starred up front this season, was in confident mood as he predicted a win over his club colleague.

But it was the defender who took an early lead as Watkins failed to name eight Premier League grounds. However, things levelled when Cash couldn’t name 25 gifts you’d buy for your teammates after going big.

Watkins then couldn’t name eight New Year’s resolutions while Cash was a couple of short when he had to name current Villa players.

With the score 2-2 heading into the final round, the topic picked out by Watkins was European countries, which was put to Cash as he had to name 13 countries in Europe.

But it’s fair to say, the 26-year-old struggled as he somehow only managed to name NINE European countries.

He named Sweden, Poland, Denmark, England, Spain, Iceland, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland before succumbing to the timer.

Needless to say, people online couldn’t believe Cash’s attempt.

One YouTube user wrote: “I’m chalking this off to the pressure of the situation.”

A second commented; “Seriously, and I mean SERIOUSLY, they’re lucky to be good at football.”

A third added: “At least he named Sweden first! Absolutely crazy how he didn’t just follow the map from up to down or left to right?”

A fourth said: “Not knowing 13 countries in Europe is a complete shambles.

Another joked: “I’m glad for Matty’s family and friends that he made it as a footballer.”

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