Man arrested after allegedly decapitating father, displaying head on YouTube in

A Pennsylvania man has been arrested after he allegedly killed his father and posted a video on YouTube, holding a decapitated head and spouting right-wing conspiracy theories.

Justin Mohn, 32, was arraigned at 4 a.m. on Thursday on charges of murder in the first degree, abuse of a corpse and possession of an instrument of a crime, court documents show. He is accused of killing his father, Michael Mohn, the Middletown Township Police Department told NBC News.

Mohn was denied bail. A preliminary hearing is set for Feb. 8.

The 14-minute YouTube video, titled “Mohn’s Militia – Call to Arms For American Patriots,” shows Mohn wearing gloves and holding his father’s head in a plastic bag. The head is later seen in a cooking pot, NBC News reported.

In the video, Mohn said his father was a federal employee for 20 years. He called his father a traitor and called for the death of all federal officials. He attacked President Biden’s administration, the Black Lives Matter movement, the LGBTQ community and antifa activists.

The YouTube video was taken down hours after it was posted. Mohn’s channel on the site was terminated and teams are watching to see if the video is re-uploaded under different accounts, YouTube said.

Officers located Michael Mohn’s body in the first floor bathroom with a large amount of blood around him. He had his head removed from his body and was found inside a cooking pot in a bedroom next to the bathroom, police said, according to NBC News.

Justin Mohn’s mother, Denice Mohn, left the house at 2 p.m. Tuesday when both men were home. Denice Mohn said her son and her husband’s Toyota Corolla were missing when she returned, The Associated Press reported. Police responded to a call around 7 p.m. Tuesday evening.

Mohn had fled in his father’s car and was located and taken into custody hours later, the Bucks County District Attorney’s office said. According to USA Today, Middletown Township police Lt. Pete Feeney, Mohn was arrested about 100 miles away near a National Guard training center in Fort Indiantown Gap.

It is unclear why he fled to that area, Feeney said, but police were able to locate Mohn using his cellphone.

Authorities said they are continuing to investigate and more information will be released as it becomes available. Feeney said there are lot of unanswered questions and that Mohn is talking, just not about the incident.

The Hill has reached out to local authorities for an update, but a spokesperson for the Bucks County district attorney’s office told the AP that they do not expect to comment further about the case Wednesday.

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