Lawrence Wong pledges more press conferences as part of government’s effort to improve

SINGAPORE: Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong has pledged to hold more press conferences so that the government can better communicate its “thinking and considerations” to the public when he formally takes over as Singapore’s fourth prime minister.

Speaking to the media on Monday (May 13) after announcing his new Cabinet line-up – two days before he is to be sworn in as the next Prime Minister – Mr Wong said that the government during the COVID-19 pandemic held press conferences frequently to communicate to the public.

At one point, weekly press conferences were held to give the public frequent updates about the COVID-19 situation and the latest measures to control the pandemic.

Mr Wong said that he found such sessions “useful”, though he has no plans to hold press conferences at such a level of frequency.

“I’m not planning to do it like that, please don’t misunderstand,” he said.

From time to time, “when there’s some new developments, new thinking”, he said it would be useful for himself or relevant ministers to meet with the media in a press conference.

“(This is) just to share our thinking, just to let you know what is happening, and through you, explain the government’s thinking and considerations to the public at large,” he said.

Mr Wong also explained the rationale for renaming the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) the Ministry of Digital Development and Information (MDDI), which he said was “not just a renaming exercise”.

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