Latest COVID-19 wave has peaked, although patient loads remain high: Clinics

Clinics typically anticipate increased patient volumes, especially during the December period, he added. 

“For the end of the year, there will definitely be a surge. And then, most of the time, during festive seasons, during holidays – with more and more people interacting, more travellers (travelling) in and out – we will be expecting some surges during those periods.”

OneCare Medical is also seeing the number of cases stabilise across its 38 clinics. It said cases are less likely to go up significantly again in the near term.

“We feel that the ARI (Acute Respiratory Infection) has already peaked, so we should see the numbers stabilise and probably slowly come down over the next few weeks, back to the usual baseline numbers,” said Dr Jimmy Chew, CEO of OneCare Medical.

 “Of course, if the weather continues to be quite cold, and there continues to be a lot of circulating strains of ARI pathogens, then perhaps we might still see the numbers being sustained.”

Doctors are watching out for possible surges in the coming months. 

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