Kremlin says it regrets Argentina’s decision not to join BRICS, hopes it reconsiders

MOSCOW: The Kremlin said on Friday (Jan 19) it regretted Argentina’s decision not to join the BRICS bloc of nations and hoped that Buenos Aires would reconsider.

Argentina’s incoming Foreign Minister Diana Mondino said in November that his country would not join the BRICS grouping of developing nations despite being invited to do so. President Javier Milei has chosen instead to deepen ties with the United States.

In a call with reporters, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said of Argentina’s decision:

“Of course this is regrettable, but this is the sovereign right of Argentina, and we respect any decision of Buenos Aires.

“We, in turn, as far as Argentina is concerned, hope that over time the leadership of this country may consider it more profitable for itself to return to BRICS.”

The BRICS bloc of developing countries, which formerly consisted of Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa, is in the process of expanding to admit other nations.

In addition to Argentina, the bloc in August agreed to admit Saudi Arabia, Iran, Ethiopia, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates in a move aimed at accelerating its push to reshuffle a world order it sees as outdated.

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