Jeanette Aw ‘really moved’ by Singaporeans who showed up to support her chocolate pop-up

For the month-long event, Jeanette had readied chocolate bon bons, her famous What The Fudge Brownies, and a special Japan-only orange flavour brownie.

The crowds who swiped clean her pastries, Jeanette emphasises, weren’t just the local Japanese.

“I think what really moved me was seeing so many other Singaporeans who were probably working in Japan, or travelling in Japan, and they all made their way down to support me, buying the brownies and chocolate bonbons.”

She also had support from her Japanese friends. 

“My friends from Japan also came down. Even friends from Takasaki who took the early Shinkansen to Tokyo, so they would be able to buy What The Fudge Brownies before they sold out,” she shared. A drive from Takasaki to Tokyo usually takes about two hours, while a bullet train ride is about 45 minutes.

Of course, a little star power never hurt either.

Qi Yuwu and Joanne Peh, who were in Japan to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary, were also seen on Instagram dropping by her Tokyo pop-up on Jan 21.

Jeanette said Yuwu texted her before dropping by. Sadly, they didn’t get to buy her famous What The Fudge Brownies as they were sold out by then and instead left with a box of chocolate bon bons.

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