Inside Rebecca Lim’s newly renovated 90-year-old house that has its original features

The couple’s shared love for reading is also reflected in the carefully arranged bookshelves. “We are both homebodies. If we have nothing to do, you will just find me on the sofa watching TV or reading a book,” said Rebecca.

“Now that I am getting heavier and heavier, I am here all the time just reading a lot of pregnancy books like How To Be A Good Mom, Signs Of A Crying Baby. But if not, I am just very random in my reading choices.”

In contrast, Matthew prefers old “Indiana Jones”-type books, the Harry Potter series and plenty of tomes on wartime history. “These are not really my kind of thing, but he likes them,” she admitted. “We are very different that way.”

Another focal point in the living room is a vinyl player, one of Matthew’s prized possessions.

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