Indonesia Elections 2024: Undecided voters in Central Java could emerge as wildcards


Central Java’s capital city, Semarang, a bustling logistics and economic hub, is part of what makes the province important. Industries thriving there range from textiles and footwear to furniture and tobacco.

“Central Java could be seen as Indonesia’s showcase. It represents Indonesia which is multi-ethnic, multi-religious, and diverse. And because of that, it has a very strategic value in Indonesia. And this must be maintained,” said legislative candidate Andy Budiman.

Presidential candidate Ganjar Pranowo, who served two terms as Central Java governor, drove bureaucratic reform and digitalisation over the past decade. 

His efforts saw the province receive a series of accolades in 2023 in areas such as innovative governance, regional development and anti-corruption practices. 

“He established e-government for the Central Java provincial government. So now people can easily access government services through online and digital platforms. That’s I think one of the breakthroughs that he made as the governor of Central Java,” said politics and government studies lecturer Ghulam Manar from Universitas Diponegoro.

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